Introducing Prism

Prism is a free app that helps you get control of your money.

How can you help me?

Staying on top of your money is hard work! You only get paid a few times a month but you've got bills coming due all the time. Prism brings together all of your money, your bills and your pay to give you a complete picture. Pay your bills directly in Prism with total confidence and leave the hard work to us!

How does it work?

Once you download Prism for your phone or tablet, we'll ask you to choose all of your billers. Once you connect them, we will sync your account balances and bills and present them to you directly in Prism. From there, you can pay your bills right from the app!

How did you get started?

Tyler and Steve became great friends at Northwestern University. While there, they dreamt about starting a company together. After college, Steve went to Microsoft and Tyler went to JPMorgan. They remained close, and finally in the fall of 2011, they got together to brainstorm and Prism was born.

How can I get in touch?

You can message us directly in the app, email us at, or say hello on Twitter or Facebook.

The Prism Team

We are a dynamic, young company devoted to simplifying how you manage your money.

Tyler Griffin

CEO, Co-Founder

Tyler worked in the Mergers & Acquisitions group at JPMorgan's and Citigroup's Investment Banking offices in New York City and at a middle-market private equity fund. He also holds a commercial pilot certificate and is an avid SCUBA diver.

Steve Gordon

CTO, Co-Founder

Steve spearheaded the effort to bring instant messaging to Hotmail while at Microsoft. He was named Future Entrepreneur of the Year by the NASE at age 17 for his web design business. He and his wife Nicole live outside Woodinville.

Richard Chung

Principal Engineer

Richard is a cloud storage, services, and distributed systems guru, having built out Microsoft's Mesh and SkyDrive initiatives. Richard is a Cornell alum, and has previously moonlighted as a volunteer firefighter/EMT.

Terry Lentz

Principal Engineer

Terry worked at Microsoft and was responsible for the Live SDK and the Windows 8 People app. Prior to that he lead a government research contract. Terry spent his high school years in Thailand and at age 18 received MCSE+I certification.

Sarah Tolsma

Senior Engineer

Sarah has extensive experience creating user interfaces. At Microsoft she spearheaded development of the Social experiences in the People app. Born in the Netherlands, Sarah speaks 3 languages fluently and is an avid gamer.

Ihor Leshko

Senior Engineer

Ihor has a broad background in building high scale/low latency backends for web services. He worked on Windows Notification Service for Windows 8, MSN Messenger and Skype services. Ihor enjoys exploring the Pacific Northwest.

Matthew Gordon

Biller Expert

Out of college, Matthew wrote a book on the life of Helen Keller for use by the Helen Keller Foundation. This book was subsequently recognized by the American Foundation for the Blind. He enjoys photography and being in the outdoors.

Braidee Leon

Payment Expert

Braidee is a recent college graduate from Western Washington University where she majored in Communications and Public Relations. Whenever possible Braidee is outside, on the water, or exploring her new town of Bellevue.

Dan Fuller

Extraction Expert

Dan spent 8 years as a Project Manager in the manufacturing industry in the Philadelphia area before joining Prism. He writes about sports uniforms online and is new to the Pacific Northwest.

Ryan Villasanti

Customer Support

Ryan worked with the National Park Service through college to create predictive modeling maps for archaeological resources. A recent transplant to the Pacific Northwest, he enjoys adventuring with his dog, drumming, and photography.
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