Security is Our Priority

We've gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure that your information is safe and sound

All communication is encrypted

You probably hear this word frequently—but what does it actually mean, and how secure does it make things? Well, it means that all information that travels between you and Prism is encoded in such a way that it can only be read by you or us.


All communication between you and Prism is secure.

Sensitive information is firewalled

Your sensitive information (like your account numbers, credentials, etc.) is protected in two ways once it gets to us. First, we keep it encrypted, so that even if an attacker got access to any of the information, it would be useless. Second, the data store itself resides in Microsoft’s highly secure cloud service. This service, Windows Azure, is one of the most advanced cloud systems in the world, and the systems on which the data reside are extremely secure, both technically and physically. Learn more about the security of Windows Azure.


Your data is secure on our systems.

No sensitive information is stored on your device

Your login details and payment information is not stored on your phone or tablet. We will only transmit that information to your services when you a pay a bill; it will never be transmitted back to your device.


Nobody can retrieve sensitive information using your device.

Your device can be deauthorized if it is lost or stolen

You can sign in to your Prism account on any other device, navigate to Settings and then tap Devices, where you can delete your lost device and ensure that it can no longer access your Prism account. You can also send an email to with your phone number in the subject, and we'll deauthorize all of your devices immediately. To reauthorize them (or any new device), you'll need to sign in with your Prism username and password.


You are always in control of your account.

Prism was built from the ground up to be super secure

We built Prism from the ground up to be the most secure financial payment platform possible. In fact, Prism is much more secure than normal payment websites. Prism runs as an app, which is inherently a much more secure environment than a desktop program or web site. All of the sensitive information exchanges with your services (i.e. transmission of account information and credentials) occur through our secure cloud service. We confirm the authenticity of every connection we make, and we take steps to ensure that your account information is never transmitted to the wrong party or via an insecure protocol.


Prism is much more secure than what you're doing now.

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