Best Buy: I'm Having Trouble!

We've received a lot of feedback from Prism customers about having trouble linking their Best Buy Credit Card in the app. We've listed some possible solutions that may help:

Make Sure You're Using the Correct Website
In order for Prism to access your Best Buy Credit Card billing information, we do so via their credit card login located here:

Note that this is not the shopping login, but the dedicated credit card login.

If you have been providing your login credentials for the shopping login, you will most likely receive a notification in Prism that your credentials are incorrect. You will need to supply the login credentials for the dedicated credit card billing login.

Your Best Buy Credit Card User ID is Not Your Email
The Best Buy Credit Card website makes note that your User ID is not your email address. If you've been providing an email address in Prism and not a User ID, this may be why Prism is notifying you that your login credentials are incorrect.

If You're Still Having Trouble...
If you're still having trouble linking your Best Buy Credit Card in Prism, you may wish to try resetting your Password here. Once you have done so, simply re-supply your updated login credentials in Prism, and your biller should link!

As always, if you're still having trouble, please don't hesitate to contact us in the Prism app. We'll always be there to lend a hand!

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