How do I add a manual biller?

To add a manual reminder, access the main Prism menu in the Account tab. From there, select Your Billers. You will now see all of the billers you have previously added. To add a manual reminder, tap the + icon and then Add manual biller.

Prism will then prompt you for information to better help you keep track of your biller, such as Category (Auto Loan, Credit Card, Electric, etc.), a nickname, and web address. Next, you'll need to give us some details about your bill. Selecting Next Due Date will bring up a calendar, where you will select the next day your bill is due. Choosing How Often will let you customize the reoccurrence of the due date (once a week, every other week, etc.). Tapping How Much will allow you to set an estimate of how much you will be paying. And finally, selecting Show Bill will allow you to set the parameters of when we should notify you about your bill being due. Simply choose Save Biller once you are finished and you will see your manual reminder added to your list of billers.

Looking to associate a manual reminder with an already existing service?

If you want to set a manual reminder for a biller that is already in our list of billers, just follow these steps: Access the main Prism menu, select Your Billers, and then tap the + button. Select Add Biller and Prism will now prompt you to find the biller you are looking for in the search bar. You can also find your biller by selecting the appropriate category (Auto Loans, Banks, Credit Cards, etc.) below the suggested billers. Once you've found your biller, tap it to get started.

Once you've done this, tap Want to add a manual reminder instead? We will then prompt you for your bill's information, such as your due date, how often your bill is due, and how much your bill is. You will then be prompted to select when you want us to remind you when your bill is due. Once finished, tap Save Biller and you will then see your reminder in your list of Billers.

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