How do I adjust the amount shown on my bill?

When Prism first syncs your bill, by default Prism will display the 'Amount Due' as shown on the billers end. If you were to make a payment, Prism will remember the last amount that you paid for that bill. (Amount due, Minimum due, Other, etc.) If you wish to update your bill to display the amount you intend to pay for this month, you can tap into the bill from the 'Bills' tab, tap the amount and update to the amount desired. Once you update this, you can navigate back to the 'Bills' tab and you will now see the bill reflecting your planned amount both on the bill and reflected into your monthly expenses.

We also have a short-cut in the app to set a planned date and planned amount. To do this, swipe left on any synced upcoming bills showing on the ‘Bills’ tab and tap the gear icon. This is where you will be able to set the planned date and amount for that bill.

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