I've lost my phone - help!

If you've lost your phone (or device with Prism installed), don't worry! We have several safeguards in place to address your security and protect your privacy:

  • If you lose your phone, send an email to security@prismmoney.com with the phone number you have associated with Prism in the message. We will immediately de-authorize your device, removing access to any information stores in your Prism account until you retrieve your device or download Prism to a new one.

  • We only allow payment to authorized services, not individuals, and we only allow payment up to the amount of your bill. Even with full access to your Prism account, a thief could never transfer money to themselves or anyone they know.

  • No sensitive information (such as account numbers or website credentials) reside on the device itself; all of your information is stored securely in the Cloud.

  • We strongly recommend that you enable the PIN function in the Prism app. Once enabled, Prism will not run unless the correct PIN is entered.

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