Lexus Financial: Security Codes All The Time

Lexus Financial Services offers two types of two-factor authentication: either choosing to complete a security code every time you log into your account, or only completing a security code when you log into your account on a new computer. In order to access your account efficiently and provide the most up-to-date balance information, you may need to alter your Lexus Financial Services two-factor authentication settings outside of Prism.

If you are seeing a security code every time we sync your Lexus Financial Services account in Prism, you may wish to review your two-factor authentication settings. To do this, simply log into your Lexus Financial Services account outside of Prism. Once you have logged in, click "Account Services" in the top right corner.

Once on the "My Profile" page, click "2-Step Verification" near the bottom of the "Security Settings" section.

From here, you will see the two different options you can set for your two-factor verification. If you would like to change your settings for better optimization with Prism, simply change your settings to "Off (only challenge me when security risk is high)" and click Save. This will ensure that your two-factor security settings are still enabled, but you will only be asked once per new computer.

That's it! You may now log out, and re-sync your Lexus Financial Services biller in Prism. You may need to complete a security code once more. Additionally, Lexus Financial Services will still require the sending of a security code every time you log into your Lexus account outside of Prism on a different device, so your account information will still be secure!

While this may work for many Lexus Financial Services customers, some are unable to change their two-factor authentication settings. If this is the case, we strongly urge you to contact Lexus Financial Services directly at (800) 874-7050 in order to resolve this issue.

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