Prism 2.10

Our mid-August release comes with a few new features, enhancements and fixes. Learn more below.

Pay Anytime

Our most requested feature is now available to everyone! You can now make multiple payments toward a bill directly in Prism. Until now, you could only make a single payment and then you would need to make subsequent payments outside of Prism. Now, if you pay less than you owe, we'll ask you if you plan to pay again. If you say yes, we'll keep the bill around. If you say no, but change your mind later, simply open your bill and from there you can another payment. We've been testing this for a while, but if you have any feedback, we'd love to hear it!

Manual Billers

The wait is over! Manual billers have suffered a limitation since we introduced them: certain settings could only be selected when you were first creating a manual biller. Many of you have not liked this (understandably) and we've finally fixed it. If you decide you need to change a particular setting, view the manual biller, tap the gear, and then you will be able to change whatever you like.

Fingerprint Support

We now support requiring your fingerprint to access the app on Android devices that have fingerprint support. Simply navigate to the PIN settings and enable it. Apple users have had support for Touch ID for a while now, so we decided to add something new for everyone: you can now require Touch ID or your fingerprint when you pay. This feature is optional, so if you're concerned about your child paying your bills (it's happened 😅), feel free to enable it!

Send a Screenshot

We pride ourselves on the customer support we provide right in the app. It's easy, convenient and secure. Up until now, there has been one situation we have had to turn to email: you'd like to send a screenshot of something funky you're seeing. Well, no more! Simply take a screenshot of the app and we'll prompt you to send it along with a description of what might be wrong. Don't worry, if you'd like to disable this behavior, simply view your Diagnostics Settings.

Android users take note: a special permission is needed for us to detect this (lame, we know). You will need to enable the feature in your Diagnostics Settings before we can detect when you take a screenshot.

We've got some other additions coming soon, so please stay tuned!

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