Prism 2.5

Our December release comes with a number of new features, enhancements and fixes. Learn more below.

Biller Adding Simplified

We know that adding billers can be cumbersome so we've made some improvements to how this works. First, we cut out a few unnecessary taps and got rid of an intermediate step during the add process. Next, we made it possible for you to stop waiting for the biller to sync once we've been able to verify your details. Don't worry, we'll notify you once your info is synced. Lastly, we now show you a summary of what we've found after a sync completes. Let us know what you think!

Adjust PIN Timeout

Previously, if you configured an in-app PIN, Prism would prompt you for a PIN again if you restarted the app or 5 minutes had elapsed since you last added it. You can now configure this timeout behavior.

Biller Sorting

By default, your billers are sorted by name, but you can now sort them by category as well. To do so, tap the Gear in the upper right of the screen and adjust the sorting. If you have many billers, you can also search for them by name.

Account Sorting

In addition to sorting your payment accounts by name, you can now sort them by type. To do so, tap the Gear in the upper right of the screen and adjust the sorting. If you have many accounts, you can also search for them by name.

In-App Notification Improvements

Previously, if you received a push notification while Prism was running, you would see a modal dialog that would block whatever you were working on. Now, the notification is shown at the top of your screen. You can choose to view it, dismiss it, or let it disappear after a few seconds.

Better Support for Biller Re-registration

Sometimes, when billers update their online systems or switch billing providers, they require you to re-register your online account. We've made some improvements to how we present this situation to make it clearer what steps you need to take. We hate that you need to do this, so we will continue to look for ways to make these situations simpler for you.

Mark All News as Read

While many of you love reading our news articles, we've heard from a few of you that you don't like seeing the number for the unread ones in the menu. You can now mark all of your news as read by tapping the Gear in the upper right.

General Improvements

  • New Options Menus: Option menus have been improved and made consistent across different platforms.
  • Menu Animation Improved: When navigating to new sections of the app, the animation has been shortened and the transition is smoother.
  • Fixed: Missing Android Notifications: In certain cases, device notifications that were received would disappear without having been viewed.
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