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The new app for your PayPal bill

Prism has literally changed my life. I’m no longer out of money at inconvenient times of the month. And my credit score is up over 40 points. Get this app. Use it. Make your life better.”

- Allison M., New York, NY

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Personal finance done right

Keeping up with all your bills shouldn’t be a chore. Prism does all the hard work so you barely need to lift a finger.

All of your bills, delivered

Prism connects with all of your billers and automatically notifies you when it discovers a new bill.

Pay bills on your terms

When you pay your bills in Prism, you pay your biller directly. There are no delays, no fees, and no strings attached.

Here's what other customers are saying

If you are serious about keeping up with your budget, monthly bills, recurring payments ... Prism is hands down the holy grail of budgeting apps. It's efficient without all the fluff.

- Shaun D., Los Angeles, CA

Prism has been invaluable in helping us coordinate our finances. My spouse and I are logged in on our phones so we can both see what bills are due, what bills are paid, and our account balance. No more bounced checks or duplicate payments!!

- Daniel O., Dallas, TX

I really love this app! Very convenient. I've used other bill pay and I love the option to pay with a credit card instead of a bank account. Love it!

- Kim L., Tampa, FL

Biller Information

Contact Details

Website www.paypal.com
Online Login www.paypal.com/home
Create Account www.paypal.com/signup/account
Forgot Password? www.paypal.com/home
Phone Number (888) 221-1161

Payment Options

Checking Savings

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the options to view and pay my PayPal bill?

There are several options to pay your PayPal bills. You can either pay online at PayPal's website, or you can use Prism's mobile app to pay all your bills.

Can I check my PayPal bill from my mobile phone?

Yes, PayPal's website can be viewed from your phone. In addition to that, you can also use Prism to see not only your PayPal bill, but also all the rest of your monthly bills in one app.

How do I pay my PayPal bill online?

In order to pay online, you must create an account on the PayPal online website. Please visit PayPal's website for more details on how to register.

What forms of payment does PayPal accept?

PayPal accepts the following forms of payment:

  • Checking
  • Savings


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