In the Prism app, Billers are all the providers/companies (utilities, insurance, loans, etc.) that you pay your bills to or that you have balances with. You can use the Prism app to track your money, view your bill’s balance, and pay your bill.

Once you’ve provided your login details for a particular biller, we will display your bills, payments, and balances, and we allow you to pay those bills in the Prism app. You can view all of the billers you’ve added on the Your Billers screen or view any upcoming bills on the Upcoming Bills screen.

In the Prism app, you have two options: you can connect to your billers directly and have us display your bill’s information automatically from their site, or you can create manual billers and manually enter your bill’s information yourself. For manual billers, you will still need to make payments outside the app. In either case, we will remind you when your bills are due.

Learn more about adding a biller, or creating a manual biller.

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