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Welcome to Prism, the best way to manage your financial life. Learn more about how help and support work so that you can find the answer to your questions.

How Prism Works

Prism presents all of your bills and balances right on your phone.

Layout & Navigation

Navigating life may be hard, but navigating Prism sure isn't.


Add a new biller in Prism and we'll help remind you when to pay their bills.

Payment Accounts

You can add your bank account, credit, or debit card in Prism as a payment source to pay your bills with.


Who doesn't love getting paid? Keep track of your income in Prism!

Find More Billers

Adding specific or unique billers.

Add a PIN

Want added security? Enable the PIN function in Prism.

Customize Your Theme

Adjust the look and feel of Prism to match your personality.

Share with Friends

Do you like Prism? Do you want to share us with the world? You can do that!

Sign Out from Prism

Looking to sign out of Prism? Be careful, signing out of Prism won't allow us to alert you when your bills are due.


Learn about the in-app sound effects in Prism.


Get up to speed with what's happening here at Prism.

How Prism Makes Money

We absolutely do not sell your data! Prism makes money when you pay certain bills.

Supported Platforms

Currently, Prism is available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows 10.

Contact Us

You can contact us anytime with any question or issue right in the app.

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