Find More Billers

You can always add more of your billers in Prism. The best way to do this is to tap Your Billers in the main Prism menu (in the Account tab). Here, you will see a listed of all your billers, synced and manual.

You can use the search bar atop your list of billers to search for a new entry, and then select "Add a Biller." Listed under the suggestions, you'll see various categories, such as Auto Loan, Banks, and Credit Cards. Selecting a category will bring up an alphabetized list of billers based upon your location. Once you've found the biller you're looking for, choose it, and follow the steps to add your biller.

If you can't locate a particular biller, just tap the category of the biller you're looking for, and then tap the + symbol in the upper right corner. You can then send us a biller request by including the biller's name and web address. We'll work to add your biller within about a day or so.

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