Layout & Navigation

Like a real Prism, we focus all of your bills and financial information into one place. We’ve made navigating in the Prism app a breeze. Upon opening the app, you will see your Home Screen. There are 3 main sections - your bills, money, and inbox.


In the Bills view, you will see all of your upcoming bills and paydays for the month. Selecting the Calendar View icon at the top, you can toggle between the Calendar View or the List View. Using the Calendar View, you can also scroll through each month from left to right. Using the List View, you will see your financial status bar, displaying your income and your expenses.


In the Money view, you can view all of your account balances for your bank accounts, credit cards, loans and other accounts. At the top, you can switch between categories to quickly see how much money you have total as well as in each account. You can also manually sync your balances in real-time to get up to date information.


As new events occur (a new bill is posted, you got paid, etc.), you will receive notifications that show up in your Inbox. We keep track of whether you have seen your notifications and by ordering them by when they were received, you can stay on top of everything as it happens.


Tapping the Account view will open the main Prism menu. From here, you can view your profile, see your billers, payment accounts, and paydays, share Prism with your friends, message us in Support, or check out the latest Prism happenings in the news section. You can also visit Settings to change or update various features in Prism.

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