How Prism Makes Money

First things first, Prism will never sell your data. You trust us with your personal financial information and we treat your information with extreme sensitivity. That's why we don't think it makes sense for us to do anything to violate that trust.

As for how we make money - we currently do so in a few ways. When you make payments through Prism, some billers will pay us a small fee as part of the transaction. They get their money quickly and your bill is paid at no additional cost to you. Other billers offer a limited number of payment options and we aim to change that by offering additional ones ourselves. So, for example, your utility may only offer bank payments - if we're able to, we may offer credit and debit card options to give you extra flexibility. In these cases, we do charge a small fee for this convenience, but we will let you know about other cheaper options. We will always show you any fees when you pay.

So if you love Prism and you want to support us, use Prism to pay your bills! If you can't or don't want to, we'd love to know why. Please let us know by messaging us in Help & Support.

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