FAQs Regarding BillGO's acquistion of Prism

Will there be a fee to use Prism now that you've been acquired by BillGO?

Nope! Now that we are with BillGO, not much has changed. There have been no alterations to fees for using Prism. Using it now is the same as it was before we joined forces with them.

Will there be ads now that you've been acquired by BillGO?

Definitely not! When we got acquired by BillGO, we didn't add any advertisements to the app. It will still be the same, clean bill hub that you're used to.

Now that you've been acquired by BillGO, what's changed?

Our logo for one! Aside from that, we made a few small adjustments to the Terms and Conditions. During the transition, Prism Exclusive Payment Options aren't available yet, but we'll have that back up and running soon!

We also recently clarified some language in our Terms of Service:

● Our partner MVB Bank, Inc. is FDIC insured

● Funds for payments processed by MVB Bank, Inc. are FDIC insured

As always, if you have any other questions or concerns, message us in Support or contact us at info@prismmoney.com!

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