How do I delete a biller that isn't syncing yet?

For iOS and Android users, you can now delete any biller, even if it hasn't been synced. To do this, go to your list of billers and select the biller you'd like to delete. Then tap the gear icon and you'll see the option to delete this biller.

For Windows users, there currently is not a way to remove a biller that hasn't yet synced. But fear not: if you'd like us to remove a particular biller that has not synced yet, send us a message noting the biller you'd like us to remove.

Windows Users: Why don't you let me remove it myself?

We do not let you remove non-synced billers for a number of reasons. Once you provide your login credentials for a service that we haven't yet supported, that service enters into a waiting list with other users requesting support. Once a service has been added by 15 users, we prioritize adding support for it. Removing that biller from your list reduces the number of users on a particular service, moving it back in the queue. Removing it also prevents you from viewing whether that service has had support added and where you are in the queue.

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